A Night at the Rocky Moutain Elk Benefit

.We were invited by a local realtor in town to the Rocky Mountain Foundation Elk Benefit. The Foundation is a great organization, advocates for the health and preservation of the Elk population. The benefit was an evening event, Saturday night, fundraiser, auctions, dinner and we donated a two night stay here at the B&B for their silent auction, so of course I get very dressed up (thank goodness it was really cold out or I would have been in a fancy dress) oops, big mistake. As we sat in the truck watching everyone enter the benefit, jeans, t-shirts, and cowboy hats. I knew I would stick out like a sore thumb and I had "Californian" written all over me. Dan of course didn't change into his dressy shirt (which he had in the truck) so he blended right in. Once we entered the room I looked around and I've never seen so much Camouflage in my entire life, yellow, hot pink and fluorescent camo, it was unbelievable.  We had a great time bidding on different items, I wanted this beautiful buffalo hide, but I was outbid, probably better as I had no idea what I would do with it. The people here are so friendly. I don’t hesitate for one second to tell them I’m from California when they ask, I just stand back and wait for their response.